GBPJPY Settings used during the EA testing process and results achieved

So, Which settings should I use?


The best settings you can use are those you have found for yourself using your EA Testing and optimisation skills. You will own those setting and take full responsibility for them. The alternative is to look at what worked best in the past. The EA input picture below shows the settings of the best results achieved in testing - those are always a good guide.

When doing our testing we did a full optimization test for each of the 4 entry techniques using the 15 minute timeframe:

The results were

0  The RSI  entry    $ 3409 down to $ 2999 after 10 results

1  The RSI  and the envelope entry    $ 694

2  The RSI Hook entry   $  2244 down to $ 951 after 10 results

3  The RSI Hook and the envelope entry $ 1 055

The most profitable entry method was clearly the RSI only method for this currency.

This meant that we could ignore the Envelope settings and focus on the optimizing the RSI and and exit methods for our main setting options

Testing results have shown that:-

  1. The entry method of 0 (RSI OB/OS) has produced the best results for this currency
  2. The entry bias should be keep at 0 for long term trading
  3. Because the best entry strategy is the one only using the RSI OB/OS strategy there is no need to worry about the envelope period and envelope deviation.
  4. The only inputs of importance is the RSI OB/OS and RSI Period and the exit strategy.

From a trading risk point of view the trader should then consider results that:-

  1. Give low draw-downs
  2. Give low transaction counts ( high transaction counts are riskier)

Below are the results obtained:-

Account Type

It is vitally important to use a Forex account that caters for MICRO lot sizing so that the DIAD system can calculate lots as accurately as possible. You account must be capable of opening transactions with a size of 0.01 lots.

Best result statistics

Please note that the 1 setting on the RSI is a high income but high risk setting. Consider using an alternative setting after watching the setting video. Demo Trade before use.

The Best result settings


Results sorted by best results per exit method

The table below shows the best results of exit method used. Exit method 10 is by far the best historic method

Results sorted by largest gains

Please note that the 1 setting on the RSI is a high income but high risk setting. Consider using an alternative setting after watching the setting video. Demo trade before use.

Results sorted by Expected Payoff

Payoff refers to the ratio your gains are to the drawdowns experienced. You want high gains with a small drawdown. this table sort the results of the highest payoffs.

The profit factor is almost identical to this table so the profit factor table is not presented

Results sorted by smallest drawdown

If you are most concerned about exposure to draw-downs below are the 10 results with the lowest draw-downs.

Results sorted by largest drawdown

If you are most concerned about exposure to draw-downs below are the 10 results with the Highest draw-downs. They should be avoided

Account Sizing

There is a difference between your account size and the AccountAllocation input into the EA. The account size is your actual account balance which can vary from time to time. The amount in the AccountAllocation is the amount of your account that you are going to allocate to HAPPY Envelope trading.

So when starting to trade the Happy Envelope EA for the first time we suggest that you follow the process:

  1. Demo trade a number of settings in a demo account for 2 weeks to see how your particular broker processes react to the EA. Allocate no more than 10% of your Demo account to the Happy Envelope EA.
  2. Then when moving to a live account allocate 10% to 20% of your account to the Happy Envelope EA. Over time increase these amounts based on the results you achieve.



Testing Disclaimer

The above test results were generated using third party software and data. We used the MT4 Strategy Tester and DukasCopy data imported through TickStory. We use EveryTick basis of testing every final test and cross check results using up to 3 independent computers. We do NOT use the Genetic Algorithm and test every combination. In most cases we also use independent parties to verify the reasonableness of you test results. Although we take as much care as we can there are inherent limitations to the Strategy Tester with huge differences being experienced from test to tester testing the same item.

These test results are provided as a guide to help you get the best out of your Happy Envelope EA. They are not provided for marketing purposes or provided to try to impress or deceive anybody – there is nothing to be gained by that. So please use them for what they are. If you can not duplicate our results in your own testing do not be concerned – that is normal as there are too many variables that have to be identical for that to happen.  This further points towards the limitations of testing results. So please do not try to discredit us if you don’t – we are truly taking as much care as we can to produce these results. We will also not spend any effort at trying to reconcile results you get in your testing with ours. If you do not like our results and feel more confident with your please use your results.

Also be aware that there are many limitations to using test data. Fixed spreads are used when testing whereas spreads can vary considerably in reality. Slippage could occur in reality.

Therefore Expert4x and its employees and owners can not be held responsible for any losses suffered as results as the guidance provided by these test results and the use of the Happy Envelope EA. 

Please use these test results with the knowledge of these shortcomings

Questions and Comments


  • jim

    Reply Reply January 18, 2015

    Hello support1

    1 if i have 200.00 how much is the account allocation? just key in 200.00? or less than 200.00 e.g 100.00?

    2 I am going to trade gbpjpy with m15 timeframe using the parameter below

    exit strategy 0
    entry bias 0
    exit strategy 10
    envelope period 0
    envelope deviation 0

    apart from account alloacation, the rest all keeps Default???


      Reply Reply January 18, 2015

      As mentioned in the video ideally you should have $1000 in your trading account and the allocate (10% to 20%) $100 to $200 of that to HAPPY EA trading to start with. Also it might be an idea to demo trade the EA for a weak or 2 to see the system does with your particular broker. I see that you don’t mention your RSI settings – they are important

  • jim

    Reply Reply January 18, 2015

    if i deposit 1000.00 and allocate 500.00 for my ea trading, is it ok?


      Reply Reply January 18, 2015

      only if you think so – we recommend demo trading for 2 weeks to workout how of your account you want to allocate. I would suggest 10% for a live account for the first 2 weeks.

  • grandong

    Reply Reply January 18, 2015

    I was make just like above= entry 0, bias 0, exit 11, rsi 1, ob/os 4, but no any trade open?
    my optimized result are= entry 0, bias 0, exit 11, rsi 13, ob/os 4, but 1 year tester result (tick model 90%) are decreased balance 40%?


      Reply Reply January 18, 2015

      Many you should chat about that in the chat room when available, It does however sound like you have been testing during the weekend when the spreads are very high and you used the current spread setting

  • jean paul

    Reply Reply January 21, 2015

    I’m testing your Happy enveloppe and for me it’s not working well . I find abnormal that you sell an expert advisor without the settings going with it.
    You said that the results were very good on gold to say one day after launching that it’s necessary to stop to use happy enveloppe on gold !
    Everybody saw that it was impossible to trade gold with your settings .
    Sorry but for me all that is not serious


      Reply Reply January 21, 2015

      Yes the Gold setting were specifically advertised as being in test mode and that they should not be used. In future we will not ask for input from clients or communicate our activities during the testing process – lesson learn – sometimes it is not good to be to open and share too much

  • Hein

    Reply Reply January 21, 2015

    There seems to be a general problem with the EA and MT code. I had the EA fine in the strategy tester at the end of the test there was a 400 $ loss then I changed the entry strategy to 1 then under test the EA locked up no trade and red error massage, the chart candles worked but no trade.
    This happens quite often, has the EA been thoroughly tested ? I wonder ?


      Reply Reply January 21, 2015

      These things will happen if you are not very experienced in testing – the slightest misalignment of 10 to 15 factors and you will get an error. At a guess it sounds like you had 0 entered in your Envelope period. You can’t just change from one strategy to the next without adjusting for the new strategy settings.

  • Jonny

    Reply Reply February 1, 2015

    People, DEMO trade in a live server! Why are people still so strategy test happy? It is not the same thing as liver server live price feed trading!

  • Lee

    Reply Reply February 25, 2015

    Hello. This EA seem to have a tendency to immediately open a trade once attached to chart & immediately opens another trade once trade closes out. Could you do a EA rest or reset minute function for next update? Where it resets and waits a certain amount of time and look over for next proper entry trigger? Thank you.

  • Lee

    Reply Reply February 27, 2015

    And why does it keep only open BUY orders? Even your own GBPJPY test shows it only opens BUY and all immediately non-stop. Why? Clearly it is not waiting for indicator triggers. It needs code review please.

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