Adjusting your HAPPY EA settings for your broker time

Why the adjustment?


The optimized and Blackbox settings provided are based on Greenwich meantime (GMT).

Your broker however may not be using GTM even if they are located in London. It is not uncommon today for brokers to use GMT +2 or +3 allover the world as that aligns with the Monday open and Friday close of the Forex Market making it possible to have 5 daily candles for the weeks trading. Otherwise they may have to have 6 daily candles for the week which messes up some trading systems.

Finding your broker time


Using your MT4 platform open the Market Watch window by:-

1)   Pressing on Control + M


2)   Or using the main menu and selecting "View" and then Market Watch



3)   Or using the Market Watch Icon



The broker time will be reflected as part of the Market Watch window heading

How does your Broker time relate to GMT?


For purposes of this example lets assume your broker time is    18:45

You would use this link

and find the time 18:45 time on the list provided - it does not matter which city is reflected because we are only after the timezone of that time.

CLICK ON the city name that has the time we are looking for +/- 18:45

The GMT offset will be reflected in the information of the city related to your broker timezone.

In the example above the Broker offset is GMT -5. You would enter -5 in the GMT offset in the HAPPY EA settings

The Table provided below is additional information. Rather use the process above than the information in the table below.

The fact that your broker is located in New York does not guarantee that the Broker Server time is New York time

What if your time is in PM/AM format ?

There are 2 way to do this:-

  1.  When the time is in PM /AM format add 12 to the hours when PM is shown.  So 8:30 PM becomes 20:30
  2.  To get to the 24 hour format merely adjust the settings on the site:

What if your timezone adjustment give a strange answer ?

What if settings from is 8 hours to is 22, and your adjustment is broker time is GMT + 3. This will give you adjusted settings of 11 to 25. There is no 25 hour. This means that the time has moved into the next day. Simply deduce 24 from your answer and this will give you 1:00. So your new settings are 11 to 1. The EA will know thatt he 1 refers to the next day

Test result disclaimer

The above test results were generated using third party software and data. We used the MT4 Strategy Tester and DukasCopy data imported through TickStory. We use EveryTick basis of testing every final test and cross check results using up to 3 independent computers. We do NOT use the Genetic Algorithm and test every combination. In most cases we also use independent parties to verify the reasonableness of you test results. Although we take as much care as we can there are inherent limitations to the Strategy Tester with huge differences being experienced from test to tester testing the same item.

These test results are provided as a guide to help you get the best out of your Happy Envelope EA. They are not provided for marketing purposes or provided to try to impress or deceive anybody – there is nothing to be gained by that. So please use them for what they are. If you can not duplicate our results in your own testing do not be concerned – that is normal as there are too many variables that have to be identical for that to happen.  This further points towards the limitations of testing results. So please do not try to discredit us if you don’t – we are truly taking as much care as we can to produce these results. We will also not spend any effort at trying to reconcile results you get in your testing with ours. If you do not like our results and feel more confident with your please use your results.

Also be aware that there are many limitations to using test data. Fixed spreads are used when testing whereas spreads can vary considerably in reality. Slippage could occur in reality.

Therefore Expert4x and its employees and owners can not be held responsible for any losses suffered as results as the guidance provided by these test results and the use of the Happy Envelope EA. 

Please use these test results with the knowledge of these shortcomings.

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